The applicant will provide the authorization of Legal heirs and Assets details along with every legal heir share as per the law on an Affidavit (as per format attached). The same information will be entered into the system and relations with the deceased must be ensured and verified. If legal heirs are present physically, their biometrics will be captured, otherwise, they can be captured at a later step (verification/consent by Legal Heirs).

  1. Name and ID number of Legal Heirs
  2. Gender of Legal Heirs
  3. Relation with applicant
  4. Relation with deceased
  5. Religion (can be different amongst legal heirs)
  6. Sect (can be different amongst legal heirs)
  7. Mobile number and provider name
  8. Email ID (if available)
  9. Asset type
  10. Asset description
  11. Share of legal heirs of total asset