Frequently Asked Questions

Where from to apply for Succession and how jurisdiction is defined?
Application for succession can be processed from any NADRA SFUs, whereas the eligibility for jurisdiction is assessed through documents by;

  1. Registration of Place of death.
  2. Or where deceased ordinarily resided before his/her death (one of the addresses as per CNIC/NICOP/POC).

Or where the any asset(s) or property(s) of the deceased exists.

Which properties or assets will be issued Letters of Administration?

All immovable properties including house, shops, land etc. are included in immovable properties.
Which properties or assets will be issued Succession Certificates?

All movable properties including cash, bank accounts, lockers, prize bonds, bearer certificates (National Savings, DSC, Behbood Certificates etc.)
In case of a nomination or unregistered will by deceased, how shares will be calculated?
Shares will be calculated according to personal law.
Is Letter of Authorization for Letters of Administration or Succession Certificates required to be printed on affidavit?
No, Letter of Authorization can be submitted on plain paper with Oath Commissioner stamp & signature
Where all NADRA Succession Project has commenced?
ICT, Sindh, Punjab and KP
Will all legal heirs including applicant will be provided a copy of the Letter of Administration /Succession Certificate?
Can anyone check whether a succession certificate or letter of administration has already been issued by NADRA against any deceased asset(s)?

Only legal heir of the deceased can approach any SFU of the relevant jurisdiction to verify asset already mentioned in the NADRA issued succession certificates or letters of administration.
Who is authorized to issue succession?
SFU established by NADRA have been authorized by Law to issue Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates.
What is the usual time period for issuance of Letters of Administration or Succession Certificates?
Fourteen working days after publication of advertisement
What categories can I apply in?
The following application categories are currently available. More categories will be added as we expand our services.
a.    New Application
b.    Reprint Lost Application

Can immovable or movable assets be processed in one application?
Yes, two separate documents will be issued. Letters of Administration for immovable assets and Succession Certificates for movable assets
I have assets in more than one province (multiple jurisdictions) or federating units. Can I apply from one place?
No. Different applications will be initiated based on jurisdiction. In case applicant is not willing to process multiple applications, he/she can request for Decline Certificate from any of the NADRA SFU in jurisdiction.
Can I apply on the basis of photocopies of asset(s) title documents of the assets?
No. Original title documents of the asset are mandatory requirement for processing (except Punjab).
The deceased was an employee; do the applicant need any additional document?
Yes; in addition to the assets like bank accounts, lockers, NSCs or house etc., a letter with the relevant statement with department stamped mentioning about the details of service benefits for which succession is required will be required issued from his department.
Is hand written Letter of Authorization acceptable?
Will Letters of Administration or Succession Certificates issued against a jointly owned property?
Yes; with details of the fraction of share owned by the deceased.
Can an applicant apply for succession multiple times?
Yes; based on the availability of new asset(s) against which he did not obtain succession.
Can Succession be applied after obtaining Decline Certificate?
Can a Legal counsel apply for succession on behalf of the applicant?
The option for Legal counsel to apply on behalf of the applicant is available in the province of Sindh, only. In other provinces at least one applicant has to appear in person to file an application to the Authority.
If biometrics of any legal heirs cannot be captured for any reason, what will be the alternate solution?
Every legal heir will be allowed three attempts for biometric verification; in case of failure, system will allow for facial matching and thereafter, the personal appearance in SFU before board of officers for verification of legal heir(s).
Can a POC holder apply for succession?
If all of the family members (legal heirs) are abroad, how can they apply for succession?
At least one legal heir has to visit any NADRA SFU to initiate the application (in case of Sindh only legal counsel can also apply on behalf of the applicant).
If deceased has no blood relatives, can his/her other relatives (residuary) apply for succession?
If the biometrics of any legal do not exist, how will his/her case be processed?
Legal heirs of the deceased will be guided to update his/her biometrics before filling of an application, however, if the same is not possible than facial option will be exercised as a special case (after recording of evidence).
What is the procedure for online biometrics for succession for overseas Pakistanis?
Applicant can provide online biometrics through the below mentioned procedure

  1. Visit PAK identity website
  2. Register his/her individual login credentials to the website.
  3. Select verification of succession biometrics checkbox.
  4. Provide tracking ID of the specific application.
  5. Download the Specimen Performa for providing biometric consent
  6. Uploading the biometrics Specimen Performa on the website.
  7. Select verification of biometric option
  8. Review the contents of Letter of Authorization initially filed at our SFU

Submitting of case after reviewing the Letter of Authorization.
Are you facing problems in biometric verification of your fingerprints while applying for Succession Certificate?
The reason may be that your fingerprints does not exist in the database. In all such cases:

a.    You are requested to visit nearest NADRA registration center and provide your fingerprints.
b.    Once fingerprints data is received, you can complete your verification online through or visit nearest NADRA center and complete the verification process for Succession application.
What are the categories of decline Certificates?
The following two type of decline categories are made by the Authority.

a.    Preprocessing Decline
b.    Post Processing Decline

In what all cases NADRA issues Decline certificate to proceed with Succession in Court?
Some of the scenarios are:

    1. Biometrics of applicant being sole legal heir is/are Not Verified and the authority is not satisfied after inquiring details
    2. Case is sub-judice in a court of law or court decision already exists in this case.
    3. Deceased address or all assets/properties of the deceased are not located in the jurisdiction of this province/federation
    4. Deceased or one of the legal heirs is/are MNIC Holder.
    5. No record of the deceased is held with NADRA and his/her identity could not be verified.
    6. One or more legal heirs (s) is/are minor.
    7. One or more legal heirs (s) is/are specially enabled (Mentally Challenged).
    8. Original assets documents are not provided by applicant or reported as missing.
    9. Subject case requires adjudication by a court of law and is not resolvable by Authority.

In case of any objection by any missing legal heir/general public/any third person and issuance of Post-processing Decline, will fee be refunded to applicant?
Only Rs. 5000/- will be refunded.
Will any fee be charged for Pre-processing Decline?
What are the pre-processing formalities?
Following documents are required to initiate the case for issuance of Preprocessing Decline Letter:

    • Application to the in-charge SFU for processing of decline certificate with a valid reason.
    • Copy of applicant’s CNIC/NICOP/POC
    • Copy of Deceased CNIC cancelation Certificate (CD) issued by NADRA
    • Family Registration Certificate (FRC) issued by NADRA
    • Copy of supporting documents such as property/assets documents to establish jurisdiction (if applicable)
    • Any other document deemed appropriate by the Authority.

How to proceed if all legal heirs are not willing or any impediment to process the case from NADRA?
The applicant (one of the legal heirs) will submit a written application mentioning the facts for issuance of Pre-Processing Decline
Why do we need a Pre-processing Decline?
In order to file an application for Letter of Administration or Succession Certificate through court, the issuance of preprocessing decline certificate form NADRA has become a mandatory requirement by law.
How can someone object to the succession?
Anyone can file objection with a valid reason in writing by visiting the relevant SFU.
How can I get succession from civil court?
After a case has been decline by NADRA, one can approach any civil court through his/her attorney to file application for Succession.
Where can we obtain Decline Certificate from NADRA?
Decline Certificate can only be issued from the office of jurisdiction were applicant is also eligible to file an application for processing of Letters of Administration or Succession Certificates.

Can minor (CRC /Juvenile card holder) or mentality challenged legal heir apply for Succession Certificate or Letter of Administration?
Can a mentally challenged person or guardian on his/her behalf apply for Letters of Administration or Succession Certificates?
No. In this case a Decline Certificate will be issued for referring the case to court.
Can residuary heirs apply for Letters of administration or Succession Certificates?
Can a MNIC holder process Letters of Administration or Succession Certificates?
Can the case for succession be processed with NADRA if the case is sub-judice in any court of law or court decision already exist?
Can legal heirs surrender their ownership rights in favor of one legal heir for processing of Letters of Administration or Succession Certificates?
Can the case be processed if no identity of the deceased exists in NADRA record?
Who all are eligible to apply for Letter of Administration or Succession Certificate?
All Pakistani citizens holding valid CNIC/NICOP/POC can apply. Any one of the legal heirs can apply for Succession Certificates from designated NADRA SFU after completing the documentation.

What are fees for Letter of Administration/Succession Certificate?
Below mentioned fees are applicable:

  1. Rs 20,000/- if asset(s) value exceeds Rs.100,000/-
  2. 10,000/- if assets(s) value is less than Rs.100,000/-
  3. In case of Sindh these are Rs.22,000/- and Rs. 10,000/- respectively

What all documents are required to process Letters of Administration or Succession Certificates?
Following documents are required to initiate the case for issuance of Letters of Administration or Succession Certificates

  1. Original & Copy of the Applicant’s CNIC/NICOP/POC
  2. Deceased CNIC cancelation Certificate (CD) issued by NADRA
  3. Family Registration Certificate (FRC) issued by NADRA
  4. Copies of CNICs of all legal heirs as per FRC
  5. Letter of Authorization as per format showing details of assets and legal heirs duly endorsed by oath Commissioner as per their personal law.
  6. Property/Assets Documents in original (except Punjab)
  7. In case of a public or private employee, the letter from employer mentioning all the terminal benefits for which succession is required.
  8. Any other document deemed appropriate by the Authority.

Is cancellation of CNIC/NICOP/POC of deceased a mandatory requirement?
If a legal heir is abroad, who will sign the Letter of Authorization for him/her?
This is the responsibility of applicant to get it signed.
Who and how shares of legal heirs are determined?
Share of each legal heir are established as per personal law of the applicant, whereas, this information can be acquired through religious scholars or other sources.
Can a succession be processed in case of an asset which is leased by bank and partial payment is done without a title document in the name of deceased?
Yes, such cases can be processed based on the production of a statement on the original letter heads of the Authority/Organization for any such partial payment or asset leased by the bank to the deceased.
What will be the procedure and fee for issuance of succession certificate for pension cases?
A letter issued on the letter head of the Department/Authority with details of employment of the deceased person and his eligibility for monthly pension or any other service benefits with amounts. Application fees for filling such application will determined on the amount mentioned on the document produced by the legal heir in these cases.
Is Power of attorney admissible for succession in NADRA?